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Ethical Agriculture Podcast

Feb 11, 2022

Peas on Earth is a Certified Organic Garden and was officially founded by Eric and Ruby Chen in 2000. With their interest in sustainable and community-minded farming, Eric describes how he and Ruby combined their expertise in farming and business to create Peas on Earth. A legacy handed down to him from his Grandmother who was a farmer back in China where they immigrated from. 

He speaks of taking care of the land, the animals that have moved onto their farm and who make their homes in the hedge rows they planted with the help of many of their friends. And, how it is their passion to make sure people feel good about eating their vegetables. 

This is more than just a business to make a living with. The goal – “Growing For Our Children” – signifies their commitment to provide a source of health and nutrition in an environmentally conscious manner to their own children but also be stewards of the land, soil, trees, animals, and humans who have come to rely on their farm for sustencance. 

Show notes:

Peas On Earth Organic Farm: