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Ethical Agriculture Podcast


Cheap food is killing us—and our planet. And, our dependency on this grossly offensive system today is at a frightful all-time high.

The way cheap food is produced today is a scourge on the environment, our bodies, and the animals who suffer every day of their captive lives on our behalf.

Because of this, conscious consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and safety of their food—and for good reasons.

Pasture fed animals are obviously “greener”, raise more humanely and more healthful once on the dinner plate. Consequently, the demand for it is growing. Some advocates see grass-fed animals as the solution to the scourge; and an opportunity for vegetarians and vegans to start eating meat!

In this weekly agriculture podcast you’ll hear from producers, manufacturers, and other agribusiness-related influencers who are committed to changing our food production system by doing modern-AG differently.

Your host, Kristeva Dowling, will speak to industry leaders who are redefining the values that are represented on our dinner plates--and may just be saving us and the planet in the process.

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