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Ethical Agriculture Podcast

Jan 28, 2022

In this episode Kristeva speaks to Shaman Crowe, an ethical agricultural animal breeder whose focus is on heritage breeds. At Silver Prairie Stock & Poultry Farm Shaman specializes in the breed conservation of American Blackbelly Sheep, Kunekune Pigs, Rare & Endangered Poultry, Standard & Suri Llamas and Micro/Mini Speckle Park Cattle. Shaman describes how he not only admires the work of Joel Salatin but also how he uses several of his pasture raised animal methods,  including: deep litter bedding which helps keep the animals more comfortable over a cold prairie winters. We also cover related topics such as eating local and food security, and the importance of maintaining breed standards and being able to "eat" the animals who do not represent the best in the breed. 

Show notes: