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Ethical Agriculture Podcast

Mar 18, 2022

Today we speak with Rheannon Green from Alberta on the Plate, which is a dine around the proving festival that showcases the incredible bounty that is grown and produced across the  province of Alberta, Canada. Rheannon tells how this festival has grown over the past few years. Moving into something that is supportive of Agriculture producers year round. Throughout the year, they celebrate and share the Alberta food story by introducing the public to the people and businesses that grow, raise, create, and support the agri-food industry in Alberta. She describes how the festival is helping to establish meaningful connections between local chefs and producers to increase the volume of local ingredients used in restaurants while building the resiliency of our local food value chain.

Every August during Alberta Local Food WeekAlberta on the Plate hosts a ten-day, province-wide dine around festival. 


Show Notes: 

Alberta on the Plate: