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Ethical Agriculture Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

Today we speak to Eva Kralits, one of the founders of the Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance. CADA is a collective of consumers who want to see Canada’s outdated ban on raw milk lifted so that conscious consumers can have safe, healthy access to raw milk through appropriate regulation and inspection. 

Today, Canada is the only G7 nation where raw milk cannot be sold legally despite consumer demand. 

We discuss how legalizing the sale of unadultered milk would support family farms, increase regional food security, and provide consumers the security of access to a safe product. 

Until such a time, unadultered milk is sentenced to be relegated to black market deals in box store parking lots under hushed tones. 

CADA wants to support small family run artisan dairys that nurture their land and livestock to produce top-quality milk.

If you support consumer choice and food sovereignty, this episode will make you smile, shake your head, and likely get darn angry. 

Show Notes:

Canadian Artisan Dairy Alliance (CADA):