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Ethical Agriculture Podcast

Jul 29, 2022

Tyler and his family run a grain farm on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. They are transitioning from a high input level of farming into regenerative farming practices. He speaks about the difficulties and reasons for making the shift. He also elaborates on the ways in which city-folks and those not involved in agriculture can help our farmers navigate the transition. One solution does not fit all!

Tyler is also known as The Crackpot Farmer. And, was one of the people who went to Ottawa to protest the restrictions the Canadian government placed on the country. It is interesting to the the first hand account of what was taking place and his experiences of being in the midst of the protest. He laments the fact that the mainstream media's misreporting of the events that took place. And also how heartening it was to be part of a movement that managed to avoid resorting to violence to make its point despite nearly a four week occupancy. He also elaborates on his best and worst moment in Ottawa. 

Show Notes: 

The Crackpot Farmer

The Crackpot Farmer - YouTube