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Ethical Agriculture Podcast

Jun 3, 2022

John Schneider is the writer and host of the popular Food Afield Podcast. John has been hunting the woods and hills around his Alberta home and beyond since he was a young boy. He has what he would call the "Sophie's Choice" of hunting persuits. A favourite for every season. And sometimes those favourites overlap. John focuses primarily on traditional bowhunting and flyfishing but also we cover the topic of wing-shooting, and other ethical dilemmas in his outdoor pursuits.

As an adult, John spent more than a decade professionally outfitting and guiding big game bowhunters and fishers across both Alberta and the Northwest Territories of Canada. He has published numerous articles for international publications and has appeared in hunting and fishing-related television, video, and book productions throughout his hunting career. More recently, John has been a part of the main cast of the award-winning video series "From The Wild", produced by Kevin Kossowan.

John's goal when in the field has always revolved around his love of cooking and wild food. We speak about the joy of acquiring wild food ingredients but also the heartache and real tears that come from taking a life. 

If you are at all interested in wild food aquisition, hunting, or ethics of eating, you will be sure to enjoy this episode. 

Show Notes:

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