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Ethical Agriculture Podcast

May 20, 2022

Steve & Amber Kenyon own Greener Pasteurs Ranching. They have a unique business model given that they do not own the land, nor do they own the cattle! Their custom grazing business model has been very financially effective. They keep strict finanaical goals to ensure this happens. And, they also have a priority to improve their environment, including the riparian areas, and the biodiversity both above and below the ground. In short, they are stewards of the land and animals that they don't even own. 

Being regenerative agriculturalists, they have 5 grazing principals: 

1. Repairing the water cycle. This is a major environmental issue they address head on. In a nutshell, they 

2. Collecting sunlight. We have limited days where light can be harnessed and put to work for soil, crop, and animal health improvement. 

3. Recycling nutrients. They realize that a key to regenerative agriculture is to put an end to the exporting of nutrients off the pasture. 

4. Building boilogy and increasing biodiversity both above and below the ground. 

5. Creating a polyculture of plants. When they focus on developing a varied system, then they know they increase their boidiversity in the flora and fauna above the ground but also below the ground. 

And, as if this isn't enough, they also run a bi-weekly podcast with Gateway Research Organization. 

They have worked with the University of Alberta to scientifically track their improvements in soil. They work off farm also to help educate farmers on carbon sequestration and crop and animal health improvement. They also discuss how the ranchers who are participating in regenerative agriculture movement are way ahead of the ecucational institutions who are still teaching and preaching outdated models. So sadly, the policy makers who are learning at universities instead of on the ground through experience are lacking in up-to-date scientific realities with respect to animal agriculture and soil building practices.  

If you remotely like the idea of animal agriculture, this episode will make you want to become a rancher!


Website: Greener Pasture Ranching

Youtube: Greener Pastures Ranching

Gateway Research Organization

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